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Separating families at the border resulted in the department 'losing public trust' and reinstating them is not on the table, Kevin McAleenan says
Fact check: Did Obama start the family separation policy?
Barr makes major reversal in ruling some asylum seekers could be held indefinitely
Opinion: What a 21st-century border would actually look like
Boy traumatized after separation: I can't forget
Trump told CBP head he'd pardon him if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law
Pence says migrant family separations will not return
Man gets life without parole in jogger's death
Loughlin and others accused in college admissions scam want to see the evidence
US warships send a powerful message to Russia
ISIS suspect gave advance warning of attacks in Sri Lanka
Father loses two kids in bombings
'Mud lake' traps dozens of jade mine workers
Body camera footage shows moments police opened fire in controversial Yale shooting
NBA head coach accused of sexual assault
Saudi Arabia executes 37, crucifying one, for terror-related crimes
Trump gets another crack at royal protocol with UK visit
Treasury misses deadline to turn over Trump tax returns
White House may seek to prevent McGahn from complying with House subpoena
Speier: Mueller put up neon sign to impeachment
Analysis: What Trump's unsettlingly erratic 24 hours on Twitter tell us
Judge rules South Bend's tape case involving Buttigieg can continue
She told Bernie Sanders her family fled Soviet Russia, then asked this question ...
Opinion: Harris and Buttigieg showed why they could take on Trump
Marking tires to track how long a car was parked violates the Constitution, court finds
Analysis: The real story of the 2018 midterms was the youths
First LGBTQ mayor of Tampa elected
A 24-year-old man claims the third-largest jackpot in US lottery history
Tides uncover a century-old shipwreck
Ex-MLBer breaks record playing 420 holes of golf in 24 hours
See gorillas photobomb a selfie
10-year-old born with no hands just won a national handwriting competition
Watch 'SNL' star lose it over 'Game of Thrones'
At least 28 hippos found dead in national park
North Face climbers dead after avalanche
Kohl's will now accept Amazon returns
Contestant wins again, bringing his total to more than $1 million
He explains his winning strategy
Trebek teases contestants stumped by sports
How a professional sports bettor is gaming the board and breaking records on 'Jeopardy!'
Trebek signs off 'Jeopardy!' for the summer but intends to be back
Our review of 'Avengers: Endgame'
Natalie Portman freaks fans out
The premiere photos give us major FOMO
'Avengers: Endgame' already breaking records
'Fortnite' and 'Avengers: Endgame' are teaming up
Skydiver reunited with prosthetic leg he lost while 10,000 feet in the air
Opinion: Harry and Meghan, Africa doesn't want you
High-rise pool spills over edge during earthquake
Oldest sea otter at any zoo or aquarium has died
Starbucks' big rival in China plans to list in New York
Whirlpool jacked up its prices and it's paying off
Musk: Tesla will have robo-taxis next year
Dems' town hall was socialism on parade
Supreme Court case could help pick 2024 election winners
Why we're in this mess
Big winner from Trump's Iran oil boycott: Putin
2020 is not a fair field. Here's how to even it out
Refinance rates at 3.125% APR. Do you qualify?
9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
Your guide to the high-performance life
Death toll rises to 16 after 6.1-magnitude earthquake in Philippines
Kim Jong Un leaves for summit with Putin, North Korea says
Analysis: A Trump visit is the last thing the UK needs right now
A second man convicted in the death of James Byrd Jr. is set to be executed this week
Couple gets 7 years in prison for forcing girl to work in their home for 16 years
USC coach who made fake crew profile for Lori Loughlin's daughter agrees to plead guilty
Food truck faces backlash for 'LGBTQ' T-shirts
A music scholar's take on Beyonce's latest
Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
Malicious Lifestyle Apps Found On Google Play, 30 Million Installs Recorded
'Technology Needs To Be Regulated': Apple CEO Tim Cook Says No Oversight Has Led To Great Damage To Society
Record Number of Consumers Waiting To Upgrade Their Cellphones
California's Politicians Rush To Gut Internet Privacy Law With Pro-Tech Giant Amendments
Engineers Develop Colorful Printed Patch That Hides People From AI
US Farmers Are Being Bled By the Tractor Monopoly
Skyscraper's Rooftop Pool Spills Everywhere as Earthquake Rocks Manila
Nintendo Squashes Super Mario Commodore 64 Port Which Took Seven Years To Make
Microsoft Displays Warning Messages in Windows 7 About the Impending End of Support
FAA Paves Way For Alphabet Unit To Make First US Drone Deliveries
Computers, Not TV, Are To Blame For Increase in US Sitting Time, Study Says
Apple is Working To Speed Up Repairs of Its Bad MacBook Keyboards
ShadowHammer Targets Multiple Companies, ASUS Was Just One of Them
Microsoft Paint To Remain Part of Windows 10 After All
SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son Lost $130 Million on Bitcoin
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Communications Update
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