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None of this is normal. Here's what the unprecedented move says about Democrats' new approach.
Source: Trump considering executive action again
Nancy Pelosi: Republicans, take back your party
Trump: 'It's really a shame what's happening with the Democrats'
Protesters arrested outside McConnell's office
Analysis: Shutdown teaching a hard lesson about inequality
Michael Cohen delays testimony, citing 'threats' from Trump
Police: At least 5 people killed at SunTrust Bank in Florida
US official calls Maduro's order 'meaningless'
Late-night host roasts Trump's reported chyron fixation
Jayme Closs to get $25K reward money after saving herself
BuzzFeed to cut 15% of staff in new round of layoffs
John Kerry to President Trump: Resign.
New Ohio governor says he will 'absolutely' sign 'heartbeat bill'
Priest: MAGA hats don't belong on school trip
Ocasio-Cortez has blunt words for critics
Opinion: No, Kamala Harris is not a 'female Barack Obama'
Comedian Kevin Barnett dies aged 32
Trump contradicts Pence on Honduras' role stalling migrant caravans
Analysis: A married gay man is running for president. That's a big deal.
Nurse accused of impregnating woman in a vegetative state
Hulu to drop the price of its basic plan
QB broke 10 school records. NFL scouts doubt him.
Why Anne Hathaway gave up drinking
NFL star returning for 16th season
One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death, study finds
Pop star: Designers said I'm 'too big' to dress
This collision made life possible on Earth
Alec Baldwin pleads guilty to harassment
Dozens of children get cancer in suburb
Climate change will affect the ratio of male-to-female newborns, scientists say
The world's most popular coffee species are going extinct. And scientists say we are to blame.
Study: Climate change is killing your sex drive
How climate change can cause worse food safety and more car wrecks
His 'last goodbye' tweet gathers added poignancy
Push to locate the missing plane carrying soccer star now a recovery operation
Fears for soccer player on board missing plane
Boeing's first autonomous air taxi flight ends in fewer than 60 seconds
Gandolfini's son cast to play young Tony Soprano
Hidden camera shows how people respond to rape victim
Passengers say man made flight attendants undress and clean him
This simple step can double the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
Drought woes? This tech can literally make it rain
Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters
Why Starbucks' Howard Schultz has a shot at the White House
Shutdown makes workers' lives even more perilous
Trump's parents are still watching him
Congressmen: Cut our paychecks
Our reptile brains were triggered by MAGA hat video
20% Mortgage savings: Too good to be true?
Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt
Motley Fool issues rare "Ultimate Buy" alert
Taraji P. Henson clarifies R. Kelly stance
Bryan Singer responds to new sexual abuse allegations
Netflix scores first best picture nomination
'Black Panther' leads Oscars into new frontier
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin is getting closer to launching customers into space
Verizon to cut 7% of staff from media division
Inside Uber's special investigations unit
Technology is changing how we grow old and die
Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter
Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg jumps into 2020 race
Failure is an option, but will it spark hope for a deal to reopen the government?
Kevin Hassett defends tax cuts amid slowing business investment
HHS secretary declines request to testify on border family separations, panel says
Fact-checking Trump's Russia investigation claims
The hidden pitfalls of popular diets
The virtues of girl-boy friendships
Bangladesh's 'tree man' is back in hospital
Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
Should Lawmakers Be Able To Hold Hearings, Debate and Vote On Legislation Virtually From Their District Offices?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Biometrics May Defeat Bots
Microsoft's Bing Search Engine Goes Offline In China
YouTube TV Opens To the Whole US
Record Number of Americans See Climate Change As a Current Threat
France Will Hack Its Enemies Back, Its Defense Secretary Says
Microsoft Fights Fake News With NewsGuard Integration in Its Mobile Edge Browser
Google Commits $3.1 Million and Free Cloud APIs To Wikimedia
Why Free Software Evangelist Richard Stallman is Haunted by Stalin's Dream
New Ransomware Strain is Locking Up Bitcoin Mining Rigs in China
Hebei, a Northern Chinese Province, Unveils an App That Triggers a Notification When You're Near Someone in Debt
Meizu Unveils a Smartphone That Does Not Have Any Port, or a SIM Card Slot, or a Button, or Speaker Grill
Europe Plans To Drill the Moon For Oxygen and Water by 2025
Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees is Vital for the Future, IBM CEO Says
More Than Half of PC Applications Installed Worldwide Are Out-of-Date
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