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The President gets entangled in a lot of scrapes that raise doubts about the sincerity of his admiration for the US military
Clapper calls Trump's criticism of bin Laden raid 'complete ignorance'
John Berman: Nothing Trump says has weight of truth behind it
Trump's military insults are piling up
Brianna Keilar calls out Trump's habit of insulting the military
Trump tries to say told you so on bin Laden capture
Ivanka Trump used personal account for emails about government business
White House backs down from legal fight, restores Jim Acosta's press pass
White House says there are new 'rules' for reporters, but press members haven't agreed to them
There won't be a comedian at the White House press dinner
Trump has doubts about journalist's death
16 Democrats sign letter opposing Pelosi as House speaker
Democrats have picked up 37 House seats
Air marshals accused of gun mishaps
3 killed in shooting at Chicago's Mercy Hospital. The gunman was also killed.
Officials: 1 person fatally shot, 4 others hurt in downtown Denver
Barcelona commuter train derails, at least one dead
Chris Watts gets life in prison for 'inhumane' killings of 2 daughters and pregnant wife
Child bride auctioned off on Facebook
Barnes & Noble says Michelle Obama's new book has biggest first-week sales of 2018
NK defector shares startling insights
Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn arrested
Virginia may be the key to finally ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment
Fake psychiatrist practiced for 22 years
Victoria's Secret CEO resigns
NFL QB carted off after gruesome leg injury
'Psychedelic' jellyfish wows deep-sea explorers
Jaden Smith says he and Tyler, the Creator are a couple
Scientists discover why wombat poop is cubed
Diddy breaks silence over Kim Porter's death
Official: North Carolina teacher killed by member of drug cartel
Notre Dame is blowing up the football playoff system
Monica Lewinsky reveals details of Clinton affair
7 situations where you'll need a financial advisor
A dark matter hurricane is headed our way
NASA selects ancient crater as next Mars landing site
See NASA's first 8K video of Earth
First-known 'pinwheel' star system is beautiful, dangerous and doomed
NASA begins work to build new supersonic jet
New footage shows wildfire devastation
Hours after giving birth, she told hospital worker to take baby and run if flames closed in
Confusion in Finland over Trump's 'rake' comments
World's first quarry hotel opens
How to find calm in this sleepless city
Dad's surprise shocks Clemson football player
What a shot! 33 amazing sports photos
These 'perfect' $12 socks are for a good cause
A tired dad created a radical new baby bottle
This app puts a personal trainer in your ear
Fear a bear market? Here's where to invest
The process to pardon turkeys is more rational than the one used for humans
Thanksgiving Anxiety Disorder: How to beat it
With the Khashoggi story worsening, the US may finally have an adult in the room
Michelle Obama reveals key presidential truth
Trump's preposterous bin Laden comments
Forget 'Coach.' Make Condi Rice NFL commissioner
5 credit cards offering $150 cash sign-up bonus
Your best refinance rates for November 2018
Billionaire's prediction will give you goosebumps
2018 was a very good year for polls
Mueller argues Whitaker appointment has no impact in ongoing subpoena fight
Mandy Moore marries Taylor Goldsmith
Hailey Baldwin is now Hailey Bieber
'Green Book' cruises on star power
'Dogs' is a feel-good tale
This $42,000 school teaches kids yoga, Mandarin
Google wants to be in every room of your house
Your banking info is safe from Facebook — for now
How iPads are changing Broadway
Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
NASA Chooses the Landing Site For Its Mars 2020 Rover Mission
Norwegian Company Plans To Power Their Cruise Ships With Dead Fish
Half-Life Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Fan-Made 'Black Mesa: Xen' Trailer
Ivanka Trump Used Personal Account For Emails About Government Business
In 'Digital India,' Government Hands Out Free Phones To Win Votes
New Experimental Lockheed Supersonic Jet Starts Production
Russia Wants DNC Hack Lawsuit Thrown Out, Citing International Conventions
Yoshua Bengio, a Grand Master of Modern AI, is Worried About Its Future
Google Patents Motorized, Omnidirectional VR Sneakers
Bitcoin Falls Below $5,000 For First Time Since October 2017
Southeast Asia's Digital Economy To Triple To $240 Billion By 2025, Says Google Report
Maryland Test Confirms Drones Can Safely Deliver Human Organs
Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Got Hacked, 6,500 Sites Down
Blockchain Gaming Is Coming to the PS4
NASA Considers Selling Seats on the Spacecraft Used For International Space Station
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Communications Update
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