I'm back from my trip to Las Vegas.
Sep 13, 2002 @ 3:06PM (Trolan):
I'm back from my trip to Las Vegas. Some thoughts:

Damn that Wheel of Fortune. I won a grand....then lost it all plus two hundy. Some bitch! And isn't NY the city that never sleeps.... get it right, BEOTCH!
Posted by PitBull @ 4:04PM Sep 13, 2002

Pffft. I'll fix it. Just saw a news commercial when I was there calling it that. I was up $60 on the quarter WoF machine, then went back down the $50 I was down before I hit the 400 spot, plus some additional wins. One damn wedge from the 1000 spot. :(
Posted by Trolan @ 5:12PM Sep 13, 2002

Fuck you people and your travelling shit. "We're too good to go to Idaho!" Pit, but tickets to the Inubus concert in Utah for Oct. 5th. DO IT!
Posted by DaRoach @ 1:45PM Sep 16, 2002

There's nothing interesting in Idaho. And since when did Utah allow music like Incubus in there?
Posted by Trolan @ 1:59PM Sep 16, 2002

Since Incubus killded them.
Posted by DaRoach @ 10:32AM Sep 17, 2002

Damnit. Utah is too far from here. And I got plans that weekend. I'll be staying in Lewiston, ID
Posted by PitBull @ 1:46PM Sep 20, 2002

You dumbass. ID is like, somewhere close to UT. I'm not sure where, but it's on the same table of contents!
Posted by DaRoach @ 12:22PM Sep 23, 2002

Where do you live again?
Posted by PitBull @ 2:24PM Sep 30, 2002

Posted by DaRoach @ 3:23PM Oct 3, 2002

uh.... I know. Damn dude. Slipping in your old age?
Posted by PitBull @ 12:26PM Oct 4, 2002

Fuck you up your stupid ass.
Posted by DaRoach @ 3:39PM Oct 4, 2002