More of the same
Oct 4, 2002 @ 2:31AM (Trolan):
Nothing terribly exciting since the last update. I still haven't found work and sitting on my ass doing minor coding tasks now that I'm fairly happy with my site just isn't that fulfilling. This is why I've decided to make another (much shorter) road trip, to go harass the bunch in Boise for a weekend. See how they're doing, go mack on sum bitchnez and get my groove on. If you believe that, I have this bridge I need to sell, cheap. I expect to be gone from at the latest Monday the 7th to Tuesday the 15th or thereabouts.

I'd pay to see you get your grove on. That just might be the funniest thing that could possibly ever happen. Good times. Good times.
Posted by fukdis @ 12:32PM Oct 10, 2002