Nov 11, 2002 @ 4:19AM (Trolan):
The nature of spam seems to be changing. Either that or I'm just getting targetted for some weird emails. Either way, I'm uncertain why I got this piece of email. Doesn't matter, gives me an excuse to start a WTF directory for this site.

I need to work on MY WTF of the week. *sigh*
Posted by DaRoach @ 8:39AM Nov 13, 2002

Damn it, boy. You need to add a comments area to the quotes so I can laugh at Justin's dumb ass
Posted by DaRoach @ 3:11PM Nov 27, 2002

Well then, you should SHOW UP ON FUCKING IRC WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE and then you could laugh at his ass directly.
Posted by Trolan @ 4:28PM Nov 27, 2002

I would, but julia is always on it and then I would miss out on GTA while I have the chance :) mac irc sucks ass
Posted by DaRoach @ 8:17AM Nov 29, 2002