Quick Update
Jan 16, 2003 @ 6:06PM (Trolan):

Still looking for work, still not getting any callbacks. At least the federal unemployment extension went in, so I have a little more breathing room available to me. Got a couple coding projects I've been working on, but it's still too early to say much on them at this time. Pretty much everything else is the status quo.

where is the picture gallery?! >:o)
Posted by katia @ 1:59AM Jan 22, 2003

I said I wasn't saying much on any unnamed projects at this time. :P
Posted by Trolan @ 1:38PM Jan 22, 2003

if you click on the comments.... your comment is to the right of "Quick Update" then word wraps down :-D Highly Confusing :) Quick Update i said blah blah blah time Posted by etc etc see?
Posted by katia @ 1:38AM Jan 29, 2003

COOL! Couldn't have planned that effect if I tried.
Posted by Trolan @ 1:46AM Jan 29, 2003