Now this is boredom
Feb 11, 2003 @ 7:21PM (Trolan):

Picked up a little XML know-how after doing the RSS feed, and decided to look into doing something more with it. Ended up with a simple headline grabber implementation, which is now hiding over <--- there. Uses XML/RDF feeds, goes through XSLT and voila, instant remote newsfeed. Any suggestions on new feeds to add, or pointers to a good RDF1.0 XSL sheet, let me know.

what 'bout eh eh? :) hi from london...
Posted by katia @ 3:27AM Feb 13, 2003

Well, do you have an RSS feed? Noooo...
Posted by Trolan @ 9:52AM Feb 13, 2003

well... why don't you make one for :-P
Posted by katia @ 6:04PM Feb 14, 2003

You'd need a blog or something similar on, suitable for distribution. LiveJournal has RSS feeds, but, they'll only pull public entries. :P
Posted by Trolan @ 6:28PM Feb 14, 2003