Apr 23, 2003 @ 11:03PM (Trolan):

Well hot damn. I won one and a half games at bingo tonight. A $25 and a $50 win. First one covered my games this week and last, so I'm up fifty now. Maybe my luck is finally turning. Been so much going since I last wrote anything in this blog, so it's not like I've been idle and had nothing to write. I've been busy and so many other people involved have been able to do their writeups which do the job. Between brunches, movie night, skate night, Tuesday dinners, nights at karaoke and everything else, I've just been one hell of a social butterfly recently I guess. Now all I need is a damn job, and I'll be set. Couple possibilities on that front, though who knows where that's going to lead.

Congrats on the win, needed that kind of luck consistently in vegas! :D what is skate night? you skating? Ice or Roller? are there any pictures? =)
Posted by katia @ 2:31PM Apr 24, 2003

Roller, and no, no pictures. Went once, and was shaky. Bingo night and skate night happen to coincide, and I've been having better luck with bingo, so I'm more liable to keep going to that.
Posted by Trolan @ 4:02PM Apr 24, 2003