10 years?!?
Aug 9, 2003 @ 7:59PM (Trolan):

Well tonight is my high school's 10 year reunion, which I am not attending. Due to a series of events, I am not going to make it. The long period of unemployment taxed my budget enough that the reunion fee isn't something I can justify at this point, as well as I have to work at 3am immediately following it. I didn't feel that paying that much to eat a small amount, not partake in the open bar due to work, end up being a zombie during work due to lack of sleep and see the 10-20 people I've remained in some contact with since high school anyway, was worth it.

Now as to the picnic the following day, I have had plans for that day for a while, and they take priority. Sorry guys.

Reunions suck. If I could count high enough to know when my 10 year reunion is coming around, I wouldn't go anyhow!
Posted by DaRoach @ 4:52PM Aug 16, 2003