Jan 9, 2004 @ 1:51PM (Trolan):
Well, I just about have all the basic level tools I can think of coded up and in place for hosting more people on this system. Usual 'no-nos' apply, like no warez, porn, etc. Basically if anyone I know needs web hosting, cheap (free), and isn't running some high traffic site, or needs flexible email, or etc. lemme know, and we'll get the ball rolling. Information on the system specifics can be found on the About link off to the left, and software configuration and availability at

damn, you so rock. you be the stud for realz.
Posted by katia @ 2:00PM Jan 9, 2004

Maybe sometimes
Posted by Trolan @ 3:21PM Jan 9, 2004

I agree. Rocking bastage...
Posted by fukdis @ 12:42AM Feb 24, 2004

It's not's evaluation software!
Posted by warhaven @ 6:00PM May 4, 2004