May 30, 2004 @ 6:15AM (Trolan):
Onto part 2 now: Routing. NAT, PBR, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP. Such fun topics. Next monday, 11am. Presuming that goes well, then it's a brief break, and back to the books for BCRAN (Remote Access) and CIT (Internetwork Troubleshooting). I might manage to have this all wrapped up in another two to three months, maybe even before QuakeCon. That would kick ass.

841 when 779 was required. I'm happy.
Posted by Trolan @ 12:31PM Jun 7, 2004

I didn't know you needed so many certs to configure Quake for internet play. :)
Posted by olePigeon @ 1:39PM Jun 10, 2004

Well, you don't. And QuakeCon ain't internet play. It's a 3,000 person LAN game, and convention. Not too many certs involved here either, just one. Granted, after I have it, half the pre-reqs for a bunch of other certs are taken care of. Could get the CCDA with one more exam, CCDP with one beyond that, CCIP with three more (ouch), CCSP with six, I think it was.
Posted by Trolan @ 5:58PM Jun 10, 2004

Note to self: Humor doesn't exist in Trolanland.
Posted by olePigeon @ 1:31PM Jun 14, 2004