Posted by: Bascha
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 5:33AM0 Comments Link
<awaken> hey julia
<awaken> guess what i got for my gf
<Bascha> what did you get her?
<Trolan> a dildo, so she could find out what a real dick is supposed to look like?
<mnr> haha
<Bascha> hahahahaha
<awaken> i got her a bear from build-a-bear
<awaken> with a personalized voice recording
<Bascha> holy shit! 
<Bascha> of your voice or her own?
<awaken> ya
<Bascha> those are expensive
<awaken> it says arr
<Bascha> how much was it?
<awaken> 34
<awaken> $
<shitted> that sounds like a cheesy gift
<shitted> you know what i'd get if i had a gf
<shitted> her own personal kunta kinte
<awaken> uh
<awaken> google kunta kinte
<mnr> google blarg
<awaken> wtf is a kunta kinte
<shitted> and it'd be like "no my name is kunta kinte!"
<shitted> then you could slap it and tell it it's name is tobey
<shitted> and it goes around saying "yessuh?"
<shitted> that is freaking cool
<shitted> it's a dude
<shitted> he was a black slave
<shitted> haven't you ever seen roots
<awaken> no
<shitted> he somehow got onto star trek
<awaken> uh
<shitted> and reading rainbow
<awaken> ya
<awaken> i know him
<shitted> that's why he's so awesome
<Bascha> hahahaha
<shitted> see
<Bascha> shitted you a funny mo fo
<shitted> it's a good gift
<shitted> better than some cheesy bear with a 4kb/s mono recording of yourself
<mnr> im glad i dont have a gf anymore
<shitted> what the hell would you have it say anyway
<shitted> "fak you!"
<mnr> "suck my cock now, bitch"
<shitted> could have it shuffling through a bunch of 4kb/s mono recordings

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