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Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 6:26PM0 Comments Link
<Bascha> i don't reall yknow what a cock tease is so
<Bascha> i must not be one
<Bascha> and pit
<Bascha> i only blame you guys
<Bascha> because you guys are so yummy
<Bascha> we can't resist you
<fukdis> damn
<fukdis> she wants you bad, jamey
<Bascha> i do
<fukdis> BAD
<Bascha> or am i being a tease?
<Bascha> i'm so confused!
<PitBu||> [11:19] <fukdis> COCK
<PitBu||> [11:19] <fukdis> TEASE
<Bascha> you couldn't say it yourself
<PitBu||> why repeat what was already said
<Bascha> i don't think i have ever teased
<Bascha> wait, if i've never teased....then i'm a ho huh?
<PitBu||>'re a ho if you have titties and bleed once a month

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