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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 4:29PM0 Comments Link
<@DaRoach> I had a dream once that a trojan warrior with a purple face and one
           eye kept running at this chick and knocker her down
<@DaRoach> and then eventually he just spit on her and walked away
<@Bascha> whoa
<@Bascha> just a random chick?
<@Bascha> who did she most look like?
<@DaRoach> ...
<@Bascha> ...
<@DaRoach> I was joking
<@fukdis> trojan warriors usually spit in their suits
* DaRoach bites Julia
<@fukdis> so thats weird
<@Bascha> fuck you mario
<@DaRoach> there was a hole in his helmet
<@DaRoach> :P
<@fukdis> oh!
<@Bascha> god damn it!
<@fukdis> julia
<@Bascha> i didn't get that one
<@Bascha> son of a!
<@DaRoach> hahaha
<@fukdis> oh shit!