CNet C Programs by Trolan
Program Version Description Example Download
Askhost v0.9 Development program dealing with host and address resolutions. n/a n/a
bugReport Suite (CNetC/CGI/BGUI) v0.8 CNet/AmiFTPd/BOWS/AWS bugReporting suite. Used CGI, CNetC and BGUI elements to make bug reporting and tracking easy. n/a n/a
CINS v4.23 CNet Internet Shell. Please see the CINS homepage for more details. Screenshots Download!
CNDomo (In development) Mailing List Server for CNet/4
CNet-INetUtils n/a A collection of utilities to make connecting your CNet to the internet easier and more functional to your users. This package includes numerous daemons and CGI scripts to allow for more internet connectivity. Also included are a few CNetC programs to add POP3 abilities to CNet; both on the receiving, and delivery ends. n/a
CNet3Lib n/a Link library containing many common and useful functions for CNet/3 CNetC development. n/a n/a
CNet4Lib n/a Link library containing many common and useful functions for CNet/4 CNetC development. n/a n/a
CNetCGILib n/a Link library to facilitate vagarities in CGI relating to CNet issues. n/a n/a
cnetc.library n/a Shared library for CNetC door API support. (Became the officially supported method of using the CNetC API after CNet 4.60 or thereabouts) n/a n/a
CNetFingerd v3.8 CNet-aware fingerd. Displays output in similar format to CNet's internal UI/FI command with the addition of the time of the newest mail item the user has. Part of INetUtils
CNetFingerd-CGI v4.5 CNet-aware finger CGI script Part of INetUtils
ConfigVDE VDE interface to CNet's Config. n/a n/a
Daemon n/a Development toy to play with sockets and daemons. n/a n/a
DirMake v1.1 Rebuilds all your directories from subboards4. n/a n/a
DU v1.1 Shell DUmp command with optional time and close port arguments. n/a n/a
Feedback v4.1 Multi-sysop feedback program. n/a
Finger v0.8 This project is dead with the addition of internet finger internal to CNet. n/a n/a
FTPD n/a wu-ftpd 37.12 compiled with Miami in mind. n/a n/a
FunDisplay v1.2 Program to display user quips/quotes. n/a n/a
FunNum v1.2 Utility to FunDisplay. Allows a different entry number to be specified as the active one. n/a n/a
IdentdList v1.1 Quick utility to show the actively defined identd entries on your system. n/a n/a
IgReg v0.2 A shelved C version of the old IgReg user questionnaire program. n/a n/a
LT v0.1 A shelved LastXCallers program. n/a n/a
MAddr v2.1 Shows the current user all of their email address, and their web page URL! Great for multiple network systems. n/a n/a
OLM v1.2 Shell OLM program with ability to 'fake' sending user and port. n/a n/a
POP3c v1.7 POP3 client for CNet/4. Allows your users to retrieve their email from a remote system to your BBS. n/a Part of INetUtils
POP3d v1.20 POP3 daemon for CNet 4.28c+. Allow your users to download their email offline. n/a Part of INetUtils
ShortWho v4.3 A quick who scan for large multi-line systems. n/a n/a
Snapshit v1.1 Quickie utility to display the current command in a users input buffer, and their command history. Useful for debugging. n/a n/a
Sub4Compact v0.3 An in-progress utility to compress subboards4 data. n/a n/a
SubList v0.4 A CGI script allowing for CNet's subboards, and some other areas to become web accessable. n/a n/a
UL-CGI v1.3 CGI script to display a userlist. (This script is no longer in development due to potential security concerns coming from people being able to dump your full userlist w/o having an account.) n/a n/a
UserNote v1.1 Leave a note for a user to read the next time they login, without going through mailsend. n/a n/a
UUCP_Clean v1.1 Utility to weed out old 'orphaned' user mail directories. n/a n/a
Vote N/A Code now part of CNet/Amiga n/a n/a
Who-CGI v4.5 CGI script to display who is on your system. n/a Part of INetUtils
Who-Telnet v3.1 Service daemon to display who is on your system. n/a Part of INetUtils
WhoSys v1.0 Short sysop who to display more data then the normal short who. n/a n/a
YQ v1.1 Shell utility to do the equivalent of a YQ online. n/a n/a