CINS (CNet Internet Shell)
This is a CNetC internet interface along the lines of INetShell and the old Proteus Internet Doorway. Current features in the v4.23-FINAL release are:

The CINS Home Page is at

Yes, a CNet online noise editor! This program (when completed) would have allowed those users you give access to, to add, delete, and modify noises across multiple noise sets.

Current status: Project dead. No time for CNet anymore. :(

Old Status: The basic noise adder is set and works. It needs cleaning up on the implementation, but then again all early versions of programs tend to don't they? ;) The editor is in the early stages, and I haven't yet touched the noise deleter. This project now has a new lease on life with the new RT command in 4.24d. (Thanks, Ray!)

This project will also likely end up being coded in CNetC for speed and size reasons.