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Posted by: DaRoachScore: 9.50
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 9:17PM0 Comments Link
<fukdis> if this shit happens again, i'm walking over to my boss, handing him my security
badge (or paying $40 for it) and walking the fuck out
<Bascha> hey!  dave will you do something for me?  this is a big favor!
<Bascha> when you leave there, i want to  you do the jefferson strut out the door
<Bascha> i'm serious!  for all of us fuckers!
<Bascha> it'll be like *sobs* a little peice of all of us being there with you
<fukdis> hahaha
<fukdis> ok i'll do that shit
<DaRoach> 'Listen up, yo! Dis shat be wicked, and you don't got no DR in dis house
to wig out, bitch. PEACE IM OUT'
<DaRoach> and then throw down a pencil like its a mic, and just walk out lookin' pissed
<Bascha> hahahaha
<DaRoach> dude i gotta get up there with a camera
<DaRoach> i'll put that shit in slo-mo with some triumphant music, like chariots of fire
or something
<DaRoach> i'll zoom in on employees as they cry because their nuts are stapled to the
desks and they can't quit
<DaRoach> then you should stop at the door, turn around and jump up and throw your hand in the
<DaRoach> like the end of breakfast club
<fukdis> haha
<DaRoach> and i'll freeze on that shit and fade out
<fukdis> "FUCK YOUS GUYS!!!!"
<Bascha> hahaha
<DaRoach> i'll get a recording from you
<DaRoach> we can voice over like wonder years
<fukdis> no, i'm gonna walk out and find the last guy before the door and say
"who's the smart one now, ya dirty sheep fucker!"
<DaRoach> "I didn't really know what to expect as I walked out of the office
Jefferson style that afternoon. But I knew I had found the respect of my peers..."
<DaRoach> and then kick up "What... would you do...if I sang out of tune..."  while
you walked out the door.
<Bascha> 'and as i left that day, with my head held high, and my whole life ahead of
me...i realised something.  hp can take your life, they can take your freedom, but they will never
take my boner.'
<Bascha> hahahahaha
<fukdis> (thanks to viagra)
*** DaRoach changes topic to '<@fukdis> I WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY BONER!'
Posted by: DaRoachScore: 9.40
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 8:42AM0 Comments Link
* DaRoach is back. eheheh [SZoff]
<@DaRoach> AHAHA
<@DaRoach> Julia just farted really fucking loud
<@DaRoach> and then goes "OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!"
<@DaRoach> and grabs my arm like shes at the dentists or some shit
<@DaRoach> and i was like "oh my fucking god, what the hell is wrong with you?"
<@Trolan> she deny it again?
<@DaRoach> and she goes "You've never pushed your cheeks together to make it
louder?" "Rarely, and when I do it sure as hell doesn't fucking hurt!"
<@DiscoDog> doesnt look like it
<@DaRoach> now she's asking for 'chocolate starfish bandaids"
<@DaRoach> She says she never farted when you were here
<@Trolan> I recall a "*PFFFFT!*  OW!"
* DaRoach takes cover
<@DaRoach> shes crying and holding her ass
<@DaRoach> talking abotu how she's suffering
<@Trolan> so plug her hole.  ;)
Posted by: fukdisScore: 9.00
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 8:23PM0 Comments Link
<PitBu||> <Xplosive> I HAVE A SMALL PENIS
<Xplosiv> i never said that, but i should have
Posted by: Dark DawgScore: 9.00
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 1:47AM0 Comments Link
<DarkDawg> hell everyone thought the world was round, was it? NO
<shitted> haha
<awaken> not since darkdawg farte don it
<DarkDawg> er
<DarkDawg> wait
<DarkDawg> vkhl kghklwefu g45
<DarkDawg> flaty
<DarkDawg> flat
Posted by: fukdisScore: 8.00
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:03AM0 Comments Link
<PitBull-> i'm a regular contributor to
Posted by: BaschaScore: 8.00
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 11:36PM0 Comments Link
*** prine changes topic to 'Come see justin takeing a picture of my ass before he fucks me:'
Posted by: DaRoachScore: 7.67
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 4:29PM0 Comments Link
<@DaRoach> I had a dream once that a trojan warrior with a purple face and one
           eye kept running at this chick and knocker her down
<@DaRoach> and then eventually he just spit on her and walked away
<@Bascha> whoa
<@Bascha> just a random chick?
<@Bascha> who did she most look like?
<@DaRoach> ...
<@Bascha> ...
<@DaRoach> I was joking
<@fukdis> trojan warriors usually spit in their suits
* DaRoach bites Julia
<@fukdis> so thats weird
<@Bascha> fuck you mario
<@DaRoach> there was a hole in his helmet
<@DaRoach> :P
<@fukdis> oh!
<@Bascha> god damn it!
<@fukdis> julia
<@Bascha> i didn't get that one
<@Bascha> son of a!
<@DaRoach> hahaha
<@fukdis> oh shit!
Posted by: BaschaScore: 7.67
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 4:47AM0 Comments Link
<DarkDawg> fucking hell this shit takes too long to cook =/
<fukdisguy> justin
<fukdisguy> turn on the oven
<DarkDawg> ?
Posted by: DaRoachScore: 7.20
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 6:21PM0 Comments Link
<fukdis> motherfuck
<DaRoach> fuck fuck
<DaRoach> mother mother fuck fuck
<DaRoach> fuck fuck fuck fuck noise noise noise
<DaRoach> drink beers beers beers
<DaRoach> drinkin'
<fukdis> smokin weed, doin cock
<fukdis> woops
Posted by: hazeScore: 6.67
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 5:39PM0 Comments Link
<si> send her a message :P
<_hAZE_> I did.
<si> don's pickup line.. "Hey baby, wanna be in the rocky horror picture show?"
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